Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

At, privacy and security of our clients are of utmost importance for us. The details, which will be provided by our clients will never pass to any third party, only the necessary information required by providers of products or services you have purchased such as airlines, tour operators, hotels etc. Privacy policy is drafted into three folds, first is collection, second is use and last is protection. Personal information like name of specific individual, addresses, credit card number and other details will never be disclosed.

Some personal information we collect from you and how we use it?

Making a purchase – we require some basic details about any individual/organization such as name, credit card number and expiration date, credit card billing address, email and other miscellaneous information. This information we need for transaction and reservation also we keep updating you with latest transaction status. In case of booking for more than one individual we need the information of those people also.

Member registration – We will register you in our portal with a login name and password. You need to fill up the registration form because to book your hotel, car, and other reservations. We also need your alternative email id as we provide you with latest updation of your reservation and other information. Also you will occasionally get information of different traveling places, specific offers and special services.

Member profile – We need to know some basic things to book your ticket and other reservations. What is your name? Your mailing address, credit card details, whether you are frequent traveler or not? food likings etc. They will be kept secret and not pass to any third party except for the requirement for goods or services, which you have purchased.

Technical information

Cookies – When you enter our site, a permanent cookie file will be saved in your hard drive. You have option to disable the cookie system but we advise you not do that as cookies help to access many travel services by us. The cookies have stored some previous informations when you entered the site. Cookies are not only helpful for proper functioning of a website but also it use to place ads by third- party advertisements. The companies with the help of cookies track down the frequency of the users and based on that they decide the advertising rate and other technical details.

Computer information – We collect some technical informations about your web browser and also the IP address and operating system for security reasons. For wireless users we strongly recommend you to check with your subscriber and provide us the informations to mark you out.

Why we collect personal profiles on our members when they book?

Convenience and speed – To stop giving details each time when you enter our site, we keep your account information. This makes the process convenient and speedy.

To offer best product – To make our packages more enticing we often take on inputs from the client side. You can share you personal experiences with us and we assure you it will remain confidential.

Credit card information – Credit card details are necessary for reservation and sometimes to buy some services from third party. However, we never leak any details to anyone and not use for any other purpose. Details are absolutely confidential.

Links – Websites are link to other different sites. We are not responsible private policies of other sites. This privacy statement enforces exclusively to information collected by