Officially known as the Republic of Estonia, bordering Gulf of Finland, Finland, Baltic Sea, Sweden, Latvia, Lake Peipus & Russia, Estonia is spread over an area of 45,227 Km². It is a country in Northern Europe and the capital is Tallinn.

The climate of Estonia is Baltic, influenced by the Baltic Sea. Estonia experiences four Seasons namely, Winter, summer, Autumn & spring. Winters are cold & summers are moderate and rainy. The temperature during winter is 0 to -17°C. Summers in Estonia are pleasant with temperature ranging from 12 to 22°C.

Estonia is famous for its Lakes & Beaches, apart from this Estonia is home to around 2,000 Islands. It is the first country to start online voting system in 2005.  More than half of the land mass of Estonia is the forest, making it one of the greenest country in Europe, it also has marshy land which is a famous site to watch wolves and bogshoeing. Estonia is also famous for Kiiking, which was developed by an Estonian for Swinging.

Estonia is home to 2 UNESCO world heritage sites namely, the historic old town of Tallinn and Struve Geodetic Arc making it the most visited tourist sites. Other tourist attractions are Viljandi, which is a small city in southern Estonia with a rich 2,600 yrs old history. Soomaa National Park, Rakvere Castle, Hiiumaa, Narva Castle, Parnu, Saaremaa, Lahemaa National Park & Tartu are among other most visited tourist places.





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